Oldfield Orchard and Bakery, 6286 Oldfield Rd Victoria, BC (250) 652-1579

Resident Animals

Oldfield Orchard and Bakery doesn't just serve up the best baked goods and farm fresh produce in town, we also have several resident animals.


Starsky and Hutch





Our newest additions to the farm are our two adorable little piglets,

Starsky and Hutch.





Taffy, Bear, Pirogue and Gabriel - our 4 goats






We have 4 goats, which are all girls, Taffy, Bear, Pirogue and Gabriel.




Free range chickens





Topped off by lots of free range chickens.









We do allow petting and feeding of the animals. So next time you are in the area, drop on by and introduce your kids to our family.




Did you know that Oldfield Orchard and Bakery has many free range chickens on site?


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